Waterproofing Concrete

A customer wrote with a question about building in a basement and waterproofing. I do not cover this subject in the dvd because it’s not acoustical in nature. It is true that I built my studio in a basement and it is natural that many basements are wet or will become wet in time. This is a major concern. Part of my reason to use Neoprene to support the subfloor was an act of future casting, thinking that the possibility might arise where the basement might become wet again.

However, I had my basement treated with Xypex which pretty much guarantees that the basement will never leak again. I had a leak in the wall of my basement that did flow water when it rained excessively. A contracted mason suggested Xypex to me. I did the research and felt good about it. I watched this leak for 2 years before I started to build and it completely stopped the flow of water. Here is a video from Xypex that explains how it works. I would strongly suggest this treatment before building in a basement of any sort.